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In the boarding school you live and learn on campus, boarding school life is a happy, exciting and never boring togetherness of the most diverse characters and nationalities. Due to the physical proximity, you will quickly find many friends. All your favourite activities such as sports, music or art are within easy reach. Together with you we look for a great boarding school that will enable you to live out your academic goals, talents, hobbies and interests in the best possible way.



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The special thing about our boarding schools in the USA.

The special academic training

Our boarding schools offer optimal teaching conditions. The class sizes are very small and the teachers are well trained and highly motivated. As a result, the teachers can respond to the needs of our exchange students to a particularly high degree.

In the beginning, your ability with the English language may need greater assistance, and the intensive support on offer will help you get a better grasp of the language.

The schools are academically at a particularly high level. After all, this is where many students prepare to study at prestigious universities. The excellent facilities of the schools is another point that makes the experience at a boarding school very exclusive and unique.

Advantages of a student exchange

There are many advantages to a student exchange in the USA and Canada, so take advantage of our many years of experience.


Language skills


Career benefits


Global perspectives


A varied curriculum


Cultural enrichment

Special extracurricular opportunities

At our boarding schools there are unlimited opportunities to pursue your passion. Whether it’s sports, art, music or theatre, we have schools with fantastic opportunities for our students in all of these areas. That is why it is so important for us to get to know our students in depth, to know what is important to them, and what they are particularly good at. 

Some schools encourage acting in a drama club. Elsewhere the focus is more on music where the marching band is particularly good, or the school orchestra plays at a high level. Sport occupies a very special place in society throughout the USA. It conveys important values ​​such as teamwork, fairness and discipline. Personal development, fun, health and camaraderie are the focus and contribute to a balanced school education.

Our boarding schools all have fantastic sports facilities, with dedicated and passionate coaches. They do however differ in terms of the level of competition. 

We get to know our students intensively before they are admitted to the program. This enables us to ensure that we find the right school for your level of performance, also in terms of sport. Through our own experience in sports, we know what is important for athletes.


A special kind of social life

Boarding schools in the USA offer students a very special experience. Life there cannot be compared to boarding schools in Germany.

The community spirit is the focus and you are very well looked after all around. Students live with teachers and their families. So you have 24/7 contact with your fellow human beings.

Through this high degree of contact you can connect even faster and soon you will make many new friends. The close cohesion in the community is something very special. Many activities are carried out together, both in everyday life during the week and within comprehensive weekend programmes. The boarding schools are attended by many international students from different cultures.

In addition to American culture, students also come into contact with other cultures. This promotes the tolerance of our students and contributes to international understanding.

What is included

  • Accommodation: On Campus Dormitory Accommodation, with adult supervision
  • Min. stay: 1 Semester
  • Max. stay: 4 academic years
  • Age: 14-18 years
  • Geographic coverage: USA & Canada
  • IB: International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • AP: Advanced Placement Diploma
  • OSSD: Ontario Secondary School Diploma

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