My 6th week

My last week was really exciting again, because me and my grade had a field trip to Charlottesville. There we visited the “University of Virginia”. For my classmates’ college starts getting serious now, because they soon have to think about which colleges they want to apply for.

The day was pretty cool and the UVA campus is very impressive. A student showed us around on the campus and informed us about all the events and clubs the university has to offer. There even is a Acappella group that sang in the movie Pitch Perfect. UVA also offers lots of clubs, sports teams and two secret societies. All in all, I have noticed that universities and colleges in America offer a much more special and unique college experience than the universities in Germany do. I really enjoyed the tour and the whole visit, and I got a good impression of a typical everyday student life in the USA. Now I also want to try to study in the USA at least for one semester.

Another highlight of the week was that I scored my first goal during a hockey game and was able to celebrate that with my host mother afterwards. I also met one of my friends in Colonial Williamsburg on Saturday.

The next day my host mother, another German exchange student and me went out to have dinner. There talked about the differences between our two cultures and we tried to explain the German school system to my host mother.

So once again I had a really great week!


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